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The connection with Indonesia is the origin of J&E. In the late 1980s, the Goudkuil family lived there for a time. Back in the Netherlands, father Jan and son Edmar decided to import the beautiful teak furniture so characteristic of Indonesia. J&E was born, out of love for the country and the furniture industry. Nearly 30 years later, that love is still an important basis for the way we work. So not only do we have our own factory in Semarang and a woodworking plant in Jepara, but we also provide housing, education and health care for our employees. In addition, we work with many local suppliers. We exchange knowledge and experience and constantly develop new products. From classic to modern, with a sleek or rugged look. And from series in different types of teak to unique products and customization. Because teak fits any interior style.




J&E: Your partner in teak furniture

At J&E we are proud of our reputation as a leading B2B supplier and manufacturer of high-quality teak furniture. Our passion for craftsmanship and quality is reflected in every piece of furniture that leaves our factory. Our teak furniture not only boasts durability and style, but also offers unparalleled value for your business.

Custom teak furniture

We understand that every customer is unique and has specific needs. That is why at J&E we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our team of experienced craftsmen work closely with you to create custom teak furniture that exceeds your wishes. Whether it concerns custom dimensions, unique designs or specific finishes, thanks to our own teak factory in Indonesia we can deliver exclusive custom work, without additional intermediaries.

Private label teak furniture

In addition to customization, J&E also offers private label options. This means that you can sell our high-quality teak furniture under your own brand name. This is a fantastic way to strengthen your brand identity and provide a unique product offering to your customers. Our white label program is flexible and designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing business model.

Sustainability and ethics

We at J&E are committed to sustainability and ethical business practices. Our teak furniture is manufactured with respect for the environment and the communities in which we work. By choosing J&E, you not only choose quality, but also a responsible and sustainable business partner.

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