Is your client looking for a unique piece of custom furniture? Manufacturing custom furniture is J&E's specialty! In our own factory in Indonesia, we make cabinets, tables, chairs and other furniture entirely to your specifications. You can choose from all types of wood, from new or reclaimed lesung teak to recycled degkleh, kasar or erosi teak. In addition, with customization, of course, many shapes and sizes are possible.


First, we take stock of your requirements based on a sketch or photograph you have made. A price will be given based on your requirements. Our technical staff in Indonesia then converts the sketch into an autoCAD drawing and returns it for review. You should carefully review this the technical drawing. We make any changes, and only after final approval of design and quote does production begin. As with our series furniture, high quality and precise execution are also guaranteed with customization. And thanks to the short lines and flexible approach, the delivery time remains very limited. So your custom furniture is ready as quickly as standard furniture!


Have you always wanted to run your own furniture line? That, too, is possible at J&E. Your furniture line will be treated as a custom item. If desired, we can make arrangements for exclusive sales of your own line of furniture.