Teak species

Teak wood can be incorporated into furniture in a variety of appearances
Halus teak wood

Also called Lesung wood. This is smooth planed untreated teak wood. This teak is either plantation teak or recycled teak. Plantation teak is light in color. Recycled teak is somewhat darker in color.

Kasar Teak

Brushed old teak. Brushing the teak brings out the natural oil giving the teak a warm dark look.

Dengkleh Bali Teakwood

Also called dingklik teak wood. Old recycled teak wood, made from benches and old houses. The wood has a robust appearance and is made especially in our own factory. The grain is dark in color.

Dengkleh Java Teakwood

Also called dingklik teak wood. Old recycled teak made from benches and old houses. This Dengkleh teak is calm in texture slightly lighter in color than the Bali dengkleh teak and has a gray grain.

Erosi Teak

Coarse recycled teak with many irregularities in the wood. This teak comes mainly from old train sleepers and old houses.

Mixed Wood RCK

Mixed wood furniture consists of different types of wood together with a finish applied. The wood can be teak, mango, Durian, acacia and other tropical woods. The finish RCK indicates that a dark coloring has gone over the wood, but the different types of wood are still visible. Each board or piece of furniture is different in appearance and color.


Recycled teak with residual paint on it. The wood is finished with a layer of wax.

Black teak

Recycled teak that has been painted black. The grain is still clearly visible.

Teak wood is a natural product. Therefore, it is also natural that teak wood may have knots and/or unevennesses. This is typical of teak. There may also be repair pieces in the teak. This too is allowed. Because the teak furniture is made from recycled material, pieces of teak may be worse because of previous use. This is replaced in Indonesia by inserting pieces of teak wood. This is part of the recycled durable teak furniture.

Under the influence of light, humidity and temperature differences, the teak wood may show slight shrinkage. This may cause small cracks to appear in the teak. This is a natural process and not a bad thing.